Best of HN Pinterest: DIY

Our favorite DIY finds in the magical kingdom of go-getters and penny-pinchers!

If you thought that Pinterest was only for discovering new things to deep fry or modge podge (hopefully not both at once), you’ve really been missing out. There is a whole alternate universe living deep in the dredges below all those pictures of people throwing multi-million dollar rustic birthday parties for their 6-year-old. That alternate universe is HORSE PINTEREST.

We’re going to bring you some of our favorite finds on PinTown, starting this week with any scrappy horsemen’s best friend: The Do-It-Yourself Project. From cleverly reusing those sturdy awesome feed bags to building morale with a Horseshoe Hall of Fame, we’ve got 10 fabulous ways to up your DIY game!


1. PVC Saddle RackĀ 



2. On-the-Road Manure Caddy



3. Handy Heat-Fighting Sponge



4. Taking Perfect Sale Pictures



5. Horseshoe Wall of Fame



6. Rolling Feed Cart



7. Horse Trailer Hammock



8. Insulated Winter Water Trough



9. Haynets for Hanging Fans



10. 50 Fab Uses for Feed Sacks



This barely scratches the surface of what we’ve got going on over at Horse Nation’s Pinterest Page, so swing by and follow us on Pinterest, will ya?


Go Riding.


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