Fleeceworks Morning Feed: Horse of a Different Color

Can we have one please?

The Swedish Warmblood stallion Lorando B, with a somatic mutation where the grey gene only affected the left shoulder…

Posted by Horse Talk on Friday, January 29, 2016

Meet Lorando B, a Swedish Warmblood stallion (at the time of this photograph) born with a genetic mutation that gives him this unique coloring. According to Horse Talk, Lorando B has a somatic mutation — defined as “genetic alteration acquired by a cell that can be passed to the progeny of the mutated cell in the course of cell division” by Britannica.

This mutation affected only his left shoulder and leg, giving him a unique splash of gray on an otherwise bay body.

You might better recognize Lorando B now by his new show name “Remarkable” — he’s now a gelding, best known for nailing the 2014 Pre-Green Incentive Championship with Scott Stewart in the irons. You can learn more about Remarkable and his journey to the United States in this article at Chronicle of the Horse.

Here’s a video of Remarkable in action:

Either way, this guy is pretty cool looking. Do you agree?

Updated 2/4/16 9:40 AM.

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