Tuesday Video: The Hypnotizing Hippologia

Some will find it enchanting, others may find it slightly sinister, but everyone will find it to be a crazy-cool piece of engineering in the form of clock.

Screenshot via Vimeo

Screenshot via Vimeo

Parmigiani Fleurier is one of the finest luxury timepiece makers in the world, most famous perhaps for the Bugatti watch. The “Hippologia” table clock, however, may be one of the most enchanting, magical, hypnotizing pieces that the famous maker has ever created.

From the Hippologia web page:

The creation of this exceptional clock draws its inspiration from the concept “tempus fugit” (time flies), providing an endless source of fascination. Whether long or short, friend or foe, time runs wild and free. The idea of “taming” it – not to gain mastery over it but rather to better appreciate it – this was the starting point of the amazing adventure which gave birth to the mare and her foal, an automaton and exceptional clock baptised “Hippologia”.

Watch the mare and foal dance their way around the circuit:

The Hippologia includes a staggering 2,000 components and represents a true showcase of everything that Parmigiani stands for in terms of engineering, construction, craftsmanship and luxurious detail. It might be a little less practical than a basic wristwatch, but it’s beautiful and mesmerizing to watch regardless.

Go riding.

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