Daily Dose of Adorable: Dave the Mini

Late January’s massive East Coast snowstorm left us with no shortage of adorable videos of horses scampering about in the snow. This guy might just take the cake.

Sallie Cosgrove sent us this charming video of “Dave” enjoying some deep (to him) snow in New Jersey:

Dave’s owner Michelle Haven states: “He lives in Hampton, New Jersey with 3 other large horses who just can’t quite figure him out. The guy racing him on the other side of the fence is “Indie” my OTTB.

“Dave seems such a serious name for such a little guy that the neighbors call him ‘Dave from accounting’!

“I adopted him last year from an equine therapeutic riding and driving program in Ohio that was reducing their herd. He pulls a carriage and is a perfect gentleman.  He is 9 years old, and always happy and sweet; he even let kids decorate him at our Christmas party.”

Go Dave. Go riding.

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