SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Barn Field Trip, Part 5

SmartPak’s educational series at the barn continues! Today we’re working on safely measuring a horse’s height.

SmartPak‘s always looking out for us: they’re not just a great supplement producer and our favorite online tack shop, but the company is also devoted to educating us as horse owners and caretakers, as well as its staff. Every few months, both new and current employees from every one of SmartPak’s departments heads to the barn to learn about hay, grain and other feeds from SmartPak veterinarian Dr. Lydia Gray, and SmartPak is kindly sharing videos from these sessions in a six-part series.

If you missed the first few installments, you can catch up here: Parts One and Two (discussing feed and decoding feed labels), Part Three (body condition scoring) and Part Four (measuring a horse’s weight). In Part Five, Dr. Lydia Gray helps the team understand the way a horse’s height is measured and shows them how to measure height safely.

Just one installment left in the Barn Field Trip series! Our hats are off to SmartPak for this helpful series with great visual examples, not to mention the downloadable worksheets that let you learn right alongside the SmartPak team.

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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