Back on Track ‘Horse Therapy’

Katherine tells her story about Josie Girl.

Photo by Lisa Booth

Photo by Lisa Booth

I am a 62 year old female who has always had a love for horses. My sisters (after marriage) were very fortunate to have horses and were involved in showing and pleasure riding. My younger sister was married to a horse trainer — how very envious I was of her, she had the best of both worlds! My life involved 3 little children and a very busy work schedule at that time so I was not able to be involved with them in their horse adventures.

My husband had a horse when he was younger and loved to ride; we would, once in a while, ride one of my sisters’ horses. I kept telling my husband that one day,  my dream was to go for a trail ride with him. So my family grew up and left the nest: at last, time for ourselves… maybe we would be able to get the trail ride scheduled.

Well, that was over fifteen years ago and life handed us another trail ride — one that I would not want anyone to take. We were in an auto accident and my husband was severely injured with a brain injury that has left him totally disabled. I am fortunate that I am a nurse and have been able to keep him at home and take care of him. Needless to say, taking care of someone else leaves little time for taking care of me.

Six months ago, I fell in love with a beautiful horse named Josie… and bought her to surprise my thirteen-year-old granddaughter who is horse crazy! Buying this horse has been so therapeutic for me and helps me be a better caregiver to my husband.

I had to laugh: one day, my sixteen-year-old grandson asked me if I was going through a mid-life crisis. I asked him why he asked my that question. His answer was that because I am now so infatuated with horses, he thought that might be the case. I told him that I had gone through my mid-life crisis many years ago and my getting a horse at my age was just another check off my bucket list.

Having my Josie Girl (as I call her) is a great therapy for me.

Here at Horse Nation, we believe that the best therapists are our own horses. We love sharing the stories of special equines and the lessons horses have taught us — email yours to [email protected] to be featured in an upcoming edition of Back on Track “Horse Therapy.” Go Back on Track, and Go Riding!

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