Fleeceworks Morning Feed: Can’t Afford a Horse?

There are always more cost effective options if you’re far too cautious to throw money into the horse pit!

Screenshot via Huisdierplein on Facebook.

We all know horses are expensive. More than just expensive, they’re gosh darn money black holes. My running joke is that I should just put my money straight into my horse’s hay feeder — he’d probably still eat it!

So with that in mind, we know that some people may want to find a suitable alternative to their chosen sport. The good news? We’ve found it for you. The bad news? There really isn’t any. We’d like to introduce you to … hamster agility!

While this course is set up similarly to a dog agility course, there are several modifications you could make to satisfy your equestrian needs. First off, the tiny show jumps are probably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. Second, all you’d need to fashion some cross country obstacles would be some sticks from your yard. The possibilities are endless.

While we’re at it, this could go in many directions. Hamster dressage … hamster penning … hamster in hand … the possibilities go on and on.

Check it out: (must be logged in to Facebook to view).

Ook je hamster kan je veel leuke dingen leren!!

Posted by Huisdierplein on Monday, January 18, 2016

When you factor in your monthly expenses of a horse versus a hamster, the clear winner is the hamster. The tiny hiccup might be that there are probably all of five people in the world who know how to train hamsters. Perhaps there is some sort of Natural Hamster-ship DVD you could purchase for your new hobby.

What do you think, HN? Ready to give up horses for hamsters?

Nah, we didn’t think so. But it’s good to know there are options.

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