‘Oh Crap’ Monday: PA Farm Show Edition

If you’re going to have an “Oh Crap” moment, might as well have it in the packed coliseum of the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

An indoor carriage obstacle race at the Pennsylvania Farm Show went a bit south last week when a horse and carriage rolled over in the coliseum. Thanks to the quick reactions of the driver, navigator and show staff, however, what could have been a very scary incident was brought under control in a matter of minutes.

How many times do you watch a wreck or near-wreck and think “wow, if only the crowd stopped screaming and they turned off the loud music” or “geez, this would have gone better if perhaps the show staff did this or that”? This video is a textbook example of what you hope every show would do: the crowd goes respectfully quiet when the announcer requests silence, the horsemen and horsewomen react quickly and safely, and the horse trots happily out of the arena to applause.

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Carriage racing accident at the Pennsylvania Farm ShowThe audience fell silent after a horse took a tumble during carriage racing at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Posted by PennLive.com on Thursday, January 14, 2016


The Pennsylvania Farm Show is an East Coast staple, taking place annually each January in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The wide array of agricultural displays and competitions makes it the ultimate state fair with the comforts of an indoor setting.

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Go forth and tackle your Monday, Horse Nation. Go Riding!

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