Fleeceworks Morning Feed: Don’t Party Too Early

Well, at least he got to feel the glory of victory for a few seconds. Watch the awkward too-early celebration of a jockey who thinks he’s got in the bag.


What a crummy feeling, man. This jockey thought he really had it in the bag — he had a speedy horse and led the field by a good margin coming out of the far turn, so he went for it…

…Only to find out that the race was, in fact, a whole additional lap around. Needless to say, he had no shot after using up all of the gas in his horse’s tank, poor guy.

Watch the whole thing unfold here:

It just makes you cringe a bit, yes? We only hope the owner of the horse was as sympathetic as we are! That’s definitely one way to lose a ride in the racing industry — unless the owner sees a future in sprinting for this particular horse!

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