World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: The Wild Horses of Alberta

The United States doesn’t have the monopoly on mustangs: check out this lovely drone footage of a wild band of horses in Alberta, Canada, quietly moving through the snow.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.56.52 AM

Free-roaming wild horses exist not only in the western United States, but in Canada’s western provinces as well. The wild horses of Alberta, Canada are particularly well-known thanks to efforts from local fans to protect the horses themselves as well as their range.

Visit with “White Spirit” and his herd in the Williams Creek area in this drone-cam video: these wild horses don’t seem fazed at all by the drone circling over their band as they browse through shallow snow for feed!

The combination of a blue cloudless sky, the subdued music and the slow panning of the drone makes this wild horse encounter oddly soothing. We appreciate Brent Seeka for uploading this video, filmed by Dr. Bruce Stover, and allowing us all the chance to spend a little time with the wild horses of Alberta!

For more information about Alberta’s wild horses, check out the Wild Horses of Alberta Society’s website and Facebook page.

Go riding!

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