2016 Best of HN #19: Adele’s ‘Hello’ Horse Parody is Breaking the Internets

Step 1: Sing like Adele. Step 2: Be funny and shameless. Step 3: You’re famous.

Kelly Jewell has been a professional trainer in the UK since 2006, and has many accolades to her name. But now she can add “viral parody queen” to that list.

Jewell and team didn’t skimp on production, and pretty much nailed what it would be like to be Adele in a horse relationship. Heaven knows we’ve all considered a deeply raucous breakup with a horse we couldn’t catch on a rainy day.

The bonus is: you couldn’t ask for a better person or cause to get a little viral attention. Jewell’s organization Racers to Riders transitions off-the-track Thoroughbreds to new careers, and is fully committed to helping the horses find the best possible homes and wonderful careers.

“We spend a lot of personal time with each horse ensuring that they are settled and humanised in addition to their training time,” Jewell says on her website.  “They are also turned out 365 days a year to ensure they don’t forget how to be horses!”

You can learn more about Racers to Riders at their website.

Go Riding!


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