2015 Best of HN #19

8 things equestrians probably shouldn’t admit that we’ve done.

Normal people don’t understand what we do anyway, so we should probably play some of these close to the chest.


Between you and me, I know we’re all pretty tough people: we willingly allow ourselves to be covered in mud, blood, sweat, tears and manure, as well as suffering long days without sleep, lots of direct sun (and its opposite, wind chills far below freezing) and many miles on the road. We are regularly stepped on, run over, bitten and kicked, and we don’t complain.

But no matter how proud we are of our accomplishments (“I didn’t fall off today, dear!”) there are a few facets of equestrian life that should fall under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Yes, there are a few things that we just don’t need to share.

We shall never admit that we’ve done the following:

… touched manure, or manure-soaked parts of the horse, with our bare hands. And then eaten lunch.


… peed in the trailer or stall. Regularly.


… sampled our horse’s hay, grain, treats, Likit, flavored bit, etc.


… gotten back on the horse despite injuries that most definitely required immediate medical attention.


… used the mane comb on ourselves. And the showsheen.


… administered bute, banamine, methocarbomal, or other equine drugs … to ourselves.


… showered in the wash stall. With horse shampoo.


… actually enjoyed cleaning the sheath.


What would you add to the list, Horse Nation? Go riding!

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