Zoetis #WormingWoes Instagram Challenge Winners

Worming… one of the necessary evils of horse ownership. Commiserate with your fellow equestrians!

It’s coming that time of year again when fall shots and wormers are due. It’s a time of year that many horse owner’s dread as they trek out to the pasture with a tube of the unholy paste in hand. Our horse takes a look at what’s in our hand, deduces that it is not, in fact, grain or anything else edible, and makes a beeline for the far corner of the pasture.

Luckily, Zoetis is the maker of QuestPlus, which is marketed as one of the easiest worming medications to administer. To the winner of this challenge by vote will go up to a year’s supply of QuestPlus for your picky horse. Perhaps your worming troubles will be no more once you try QuestPlus!

Our Zoetis Instagram Challenge winner is…

To the victor go the spoils! Here are a few other Instagrammers’ worming woes to help ease your pain…

Diva & Laura, Diva just loves worming day#bestbrook#worming#teeth#curled#up#lip

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Working time #worming #funnyface #horse #horseysmile #thourghbred #dapplegrey

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