Horsenista Christmas: The Last-Minute List

In a pinch? Here’s your fix.

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Horsenista loves shopping like horses love eating. Here’s her list of last-minute gift ideas that can be found anywhere.

Barn Supplies

Think hay bags, buckets and snaps. Seriously, we can never have enough it seems.

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Grooming Gear

You can now buy grooming sets of all colors and sizes in cute totes and grooming boxes. I love the Rhino SmartPak Kit and the Roma Star Grooming Set. Hit up any local tack store and Tractor Supply to make one of your own. Throw a bunch of brushes, hoof picks and detangler into a bucket — see above — and tie a ribbon around the top. Boom! One awesome barn present.

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Happy Horse, Happy Human

One word: treats. Put a few different flavors into a bucket — yet again — and you have one happy couple.

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Medicine Cabinet

Horses get hurt constantly. Once again fill a bucket to the brim with things like liniment, hoof conditioner, electrolyte paste, vet wrap and wound disinfectant.

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Last but not least, donate.

A super simple online donation to an animal sanctuary or horsey cause is a great way to make a difference and pretend you didn’t just buy a friend’s gift after midnight on Christmas Eve. If anyone doesn’t know where to start, my favorite sanctuary is the Black Beauty Ranch, located in Texas.

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Go Riding.

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