SpectraVET Performance of the Week: Boyd Exell Wins in Stuttgart

The undisputed king of indoor driving, Boyd Exell blew away the competition in the first leg of the FEI World Cup series, held in Stuttgart, Germany.

FEI/Karl-Heinz Friehler

FEI/Karl-Heinz Friehler

The 2015-2016 FEI World Cup Driving season kicked off on Saturday, November 21 in Stuttgart, Germany, and the crowd was treated to the ultimate spectacle of Boyd Exell running away with the victory. Coming into the final drive-off round, Australia’s Exell was already in the lead by a healthy ten-plus seconds over Ijsbrand Chardon of the Netherlands and Rainer Duen of Germany.

Before we watch the replay of Exell’s drive-off round, let’s pause to discuss a few points about indoor driving as a spectator sport in Europe:

  1. The crowd gets SUPER INTO IT: like, clapping along with the music and screaming and hollering like they’re watching a football match.
  2. Like any good sporting competition, techno-pop blasted throughout the arena sets the mood.
  3. As soon as it’s clear that Exell has run the pants off of everyone else, they shine a spotlight on him like he’s a total rockstar. Which, of course, he is.

Okay, now that we’ve made it perfectly clear that indoor arena driving may be just as much fun as your conventional American ball game, let’s check out Exell’s final run:

Ah, nothing like drifting your carriage around the corners to really drive home the point. When the dust settled, Exell had captured the victory with an astounding thirty-second lead on his next fastest competitor! That’s a great way to kick off another indoor season.

Go Boyd Exell, and go riding!

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