Dubarry Tuesday Video: Stacking Firewood? Get A Mini

Helpful wood-stacking children sold separately.

Fun facts about Kristen: I lived for a few years in a cabin that was heated with a small wood stove, so I got to experience the joys of cutting and stacking my own firewood (with plenty of enlisted help from friends and neighbors). One tool I didn’t know I was lacking until right now? The helpful mini horse to sledge wood from the pile to the stack. (And, you know, those tireless kids who seem to be pretty happy to stack wood all afternoon.)

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Posted by Dry Ridge Outfitters at Harriman State Park on Sunday, November 22, 2015


Truthfully, this guy is the best man for the job: a full-size horse, let alone a draft horse, would be unable to fit into the woodshed to deliver a load. Every mini I’ve ever driven in my life has had bottomless wells of energy, so this seems like a great way to burn off some of that juice while getting some major autumn chores out of the way!

Do your horses “earn their keep” around the farm or the homestead? Share your experiences in the comments!

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