Horse Technology: The PIXIO Auto-Follow Camera

Never ask “hey, can you video me real quick?” again!

It doesn’t get much more traditional than the sport of horseback riding — but innovators are finding new ways to blend technology and equestrianism every day. Ever since the invention of the video camera, equestrians have realized that being able to record and play back a lesson, clinic session or show is a valuable resource for analyzing progress and areas that need improvement. But a camera mounted on a tripod doesn’t always have the zoom that lets you truly see what’s going on, and there’s a finite number of times that your friend, trainer or horse husband will happily video your ride with good tracking and zoom.

The prevalence of the smartphone did make the process much easier: now it’s common to see videos of your ride instantly uploaded to Facebook or YouTube (perhaps with the ears of your friend’s mount in the middle). It takes seconds to pull out your phone, grab a video, and go about your ride — as long as you have a friend with you to do so. The helmet-mount camera has further revolutionized horse videography by letting viewers see the ride from the rider’s perspective — but can’t help you if you’re trying to watch the whole picture. Up until now, if you were a solitary rider or trainer who works alone, it’s quite difficult to get good-quality video without a cameraman.

Enter the PIXIO auto-follow camera by Move ‘N See:

The PIXIO is geared for athletes as well as various performers and is specifically designed to work both indoors and outdoors. The auto-follow system tracks a “wristwatch” device worn, in this case, by the horseback rider, and uses three “micro-beacons” placed around the arena or riding space to triangulate the rider’s location. While the PIXIO does not come with a camera, it’s compatible with most standard video cameras to automatically zoom in and out and record audio as well. The remote device can hold a charge for up to three hours, and your smartphone can also become a remote-control as well.

Imagine the possibilities: an instructor teaching lessons can use his or her phone to set the camera to record portions of each student’s ride, or individual trips over a course, without fiddling with the camera all lesson long. A trainer working solo can hit “record” on his or her tracking armband to video the ride on a training horse. The system can even be used with multiple cameras and multiple tracking devices (with the aid of a smartphone) to create dynamic recordings of lessons, horse shows or schooling in large spaces.

The PIXIO is new to the market, and is currently available until November 23 for a special low introductory price of €569.00. (After the 23rd, the normal price is €790.00.) Pre-orders will ship in February of 2016. We’re excited to see the possibilities that the PIXIO will open up for individuals, stables and horse shows. Check out the PIXIO online for full details and to place an order!

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