#NoStirrupNovember Support Group: Halfway There!

It’s been a rough road but we see you guys sticking with the program and getting stronger, ride by ride. So strong, in fact, that now some of you are just showing off out there!

Here are a few impressive videos we spotted on Instagram of you guys jumping those big fences:

  look at scar makin it look easy #nostirrupnovember   A video posted by becs (@beccabargainer) on

Practicing your grids:

#nostirrupnovember #porfavor #warmblood #3pi9 A video posted by Andréanne (@andreanne.bl) on

Crushing some cavaletti:

Happy #nostirrupnovember y’all! Featuring poles because you know how we do it ? A video posted by Stephy (@stephb_sirius) on

And dropping your reins too, because why not:


Why stop at #nostirrupnovember when you can add #noreins !?!?!? #ironhorse #schoolhorsesrock #wilbur


A video posted by A. Fix (@ajackfix) on

To everyone who is participating in this year’s #NoStirrupNovember…

#nostirrupnovember #goals Proud of all the kids AND adults participating!???? A photo posted by Kenilworthstables (@kenilworthstables) on

… keep your spirits up, your heels down and a smile on your face.


Love how many equestrian represent #nostirrupnovember and #friendship !


A photo posted by Horsemens Outlet (@horsemensoutlet) on

Or at least an (evil) smile on your trainer’s face.

Getting crazy about #nostirrupnovember A photo posted by Valentina Timpone (@vtimpone) on

Go riding without stirrups.

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