SmartPak Morning Feed: SP’s Exclusive Justin Boots Review

I <3 these boots.

We featured the Justin Women’s Q-Crepe Boot Made Exclusively for SmartPak way back in April, and I’ve made it no secret since then that I was coveting a pair for myself. I like to consider myself a practical shopper who avoids impulse purchasing and tries to have a true need for an item … so when I could see my socks through the cracks in my old boots, I decided it was time.

Aesthetically, these boots are gorgeous — the turquoise uppers with the fancy stitching are almost too pretty to cover up with jeans when I’m at the barn:

Like my previous experiences with Justin boots, the leather was nice and soft right out of the box. It took a few days of walking around for the boots to form to my feet, but that’s normal when breaking in almost any footwear.

The Q-crepe outsole is perfect for doing chores around the barn but especially shines in the saddle: there’s just the right amount of grip in the stirrup without a thick, clunky tread that’s going to make me feel like I may get hung up. I also appreciate Justin’s slimmer boot shaft: I feel like the boot stays over my foot and lower calf more securely. I didn’t realize this until I went for a ride in these boots, but my previous pair had a little gape to the shaft which allowed the whole boot to move around my foot in the stirrup.


Ok, so they didn’t stay clean for long…

And, of course, in the cold, blustery autumns that we get in western New York, there’s nothing better than a pair of warm, dry boots to keep my feet (and the rest of me) happy. Ultimately, these boots are well worth the investment!

SmartPak offers a wide array of western boots — check out the selection here!

Go SmartPak and go riding!

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