6 Totally Outrageous Things You Can Buy at Equine Affaire

I’m having a really hard time separating “want” from “need,” and I’ve only been here for one day.

Equine Affaire is one of the biggest and most diverse horse expos in the United States, featuring top-name clinicians and leaders from every facet of the horse industry as well as arguably the most overwhelming and awesome trade show I’ve ever seen — there are four buildings crammed full of just about every equine product you can think of (and some I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of.) The Massachusetts Equine Affaire is underway at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, featuring such fine folks as Julie Goodnight, Phillip Dutton, Lendon Gray and Dan James. As for the shopping …


… yeah, it’s kind of like that, but over and over and over again. Here are just a few highlights of things I’d love to pack up and bring home with me.

La Mundial custom tall boots.


Like, what am I even thinking? I ride western. So naturally I need a pair of fully-custom Italian leather to-die-for-soft tall boots with fine-tooled tops like I need a hole in the head. But the boots. They’re so pretty. These one-of-a-kind jaw-droppers start at only $690 from La Mundial.

Dubarry. Need I say more?


Look at this lovely representation of the Dubarry line! (The boot is pretty great too.) But in all seriousness, Dubarry sales reps aside, I had some deep and serious soul-searching when I saw the new Longford boot. Dubarry has become an iconic brand in fine equestrian wear and the new buckle-style boot is no different. I actually reached out longingly and touched the Longford boot on its rustic shelf before I realized how totally creepy I probably looked to passersby.

Trailers. Like, more trailers than you’ve ever seen in a building before.


(I’ve witnessed when they Tetris these bad boys into the building on the set-up day, and it’s truly impressive.) The space devoted to trailer sales at Equine Affaire can probably be measured in acres, and this little beauty from Tourbillon Trailer Sales caught my eye. The fact that I don’t yet have a truck that could actually pull this thing down the road didn’t even enter my mind, because I was already envisioning Red and his pasture mates neatly packed away inside hauling to beautiful trail-riding locations unknown. Other offerings in the Tourbillon section included a deluxe bus-sized RV as well as the world’s cutest and spiffiest two-horse bumper pull.

This Trilogy dressage saddle.


Remember that time I said I rode western? Not anymore, because this is the most beautiful dressage saddle I’ve ever seen. And it’s not just a saddle: with a Trilogy, you’re also getting an incredibly in-depth custom professional fitting both to yourself and to your horse. I touched this saddle to feel the high-quality leather (truly, it feels already broken-in, even though this is a brand-new creation) and then promptly yanked my hand away for fear that I was not worthy, and that somehow the saddle would know. Trilogy, whenever you gals decide to get into western saddle fit, I’m there. I’m 100% there.

Actual, real-live horses.


Please note the look of temporary insanity that’s passed through my eyes as I snuggle TWO BABY FRIESIANS AT THE SAME TIME and debate on how I can first of all purchase them and second of all smuggle them home across New York state in a Prius and third keep them and continue to snuggle them without my husband finding out. These two are a colt and a filly, coincidentally born on the same day at Vermont’s Friesians of Majesty by the farm’s star (and totally stunning-in-person) stallion Othello. I won’t disclose the asking price for these young ones, but I’ll mention that it was five figures. Special thanks to the staff of Friesians of Majesty for allowing me to hug their foals and squeal like an eight-year-old fangirl.

These. I need these.

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The highlight of my day was probably when I commanded these men to show me how these riding ponies worked.

Posted by Kristen Kovatch Bentley on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Case closed. Equine Affaire is a land of magic and mystery where you can literally find just about anything for sale. (Want one of these? Check out Pony Pal Stable online.)

Equine Affaire runs through Sunday, November 15 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. For more information, check out the event website!

Go riding!

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