World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Fox Hunting Fun

It’s that time of year again — when horses and hounds take to the hills in search of the elusive fox!

Live vicariously through today’s helmet cam — not only does this video let you thunder down trails, jump natural and man-made obstacles and chase the hounds over hill and dale, but it also does a great job explaining exactly what makes a great hunter. (Basically, take every good horse quality you can think of and roll it into one animal.)

This video is from the Fort Leavenworth Hunt in Kansas. The Fort Leavenworth Hunt happily welcomes new riders with a program called “8 Easy Lessons” to introduce riders to the sport. The program runs before the opening hunt of every season and includes cubbing to ease horses and riders into the full hunt. Alissa Harris is the rider and owner of “Cosmo” who we see in the video, following huntsman Stephanie Wilcox-Carter.

Thanks for the ride, Cosmopolitan — we salute you. Have a very merry hunting season.

Go riding!

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