#NoStirrupNovember Begins, Internet Explodes in Pain

That’s right, Horse Nation. The season of sore thighs is upon us, and stirrup-less riders everywhere have taken to social media to air their grievances.

(OK, so there’s a little bit of “rah-rah you can do it!” going on out there as well, but that’s mostly coming from sadistic riding instructors.)

Are you participating? Be sure to tag your social posts with #NoStirrupNovember. Each week we’ll be gathering them up in an effort to bolster your spirits, or at least help you feel less alone in your pain. It’s like your own virtual support group!

Here’s a sampling of your collective whines, goals and game plans:

Welcome November & Bye, Bye Stirrups! #nostirrupsnovember

A photo posted by Hunters Haven Farm (@hunters_haven_farm) on

Good-bye stirrups! See you on December 1st. @thecobes your favorite month has arrived. #nostirrupsnovember A photo posted by Rachele Burr (@rachelee_burr) on

I think a vital piece of tack is missing… #nostirrupsnovember

A photo posted by Morgan Parker (@imthemap14) on

#nostirrupsnovember #antaressaddle A photo posted by @jumpinj76 on

Happy #nostirrupsNovember girls @haleyfarber @marisafarber888 A photo posted by Waverly Ernst (@waverlyernst) on

Oh god. #nostirrupsnovember #worst #strengthtraining #fitness #lordhelpus #equestrian #horselife

A photo posted by Claire (@zifftastic) on

#nostirrupsnovember A photo posted by Neil Hutchins LVT BCCAB CDTI (@neilresto) on

Something is missing… #nostirrupsnovember #eventerproblems

A photo posted by Taylor Rieck (@trieckx) on

Doing some pre-#nostirrupsnovember work #suckitupbuttercup A photo posted by Shannon Pannebakker (@horseygirl1212) on

Go Riding without stirrups!

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