Dubarry Tuesday Video: That’s One Way to Load

This may not be Pony Club approved, but it’s certainly entertaining to watch.

I’m gonna hand it to this guy: if I had a drop-dead-gorgeous Friesian in my barn, I’d do nothing but run around with it in the yard, teach it to do fabulous things and relive every childhood fantasy about the beautiful black stallion over and over again. (To Jea Olsson’s credit, I’m pretty sure he does a lot more with this fabulous, stunning Friesian does a lot more than run around the stable yard with it.)

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I’m not sure if the initial run around the circle is part of the self-loading process — you know, like taxiing down the runway before takeoff — but I’m not going to ask too many questions — I’m just going to sit back and admire. Well done!

Go riding!

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