10 Ear Bonnets for the ‘Special’ Horses in Your Life

If the bonnet fits, wear it!

Photo courtesy of the Creative Seahorse Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of the Creative Seahorse Facebook page.

Any horse can wear an ear bonnet, but it takes a special sort of equine character to pull off these originals by Creative Seahorse.

In addition to custom browbands and accessories, this Maryland-based custom boutique offers a vast selection of equine ear-wear ranging from elegant show bonnets to some more “unique” designs. Any of these bonnets remind you of a horse in your life?

The Big Chicken

For the horse that’s scared of its own shadow.


The Money Pit

You were just going to light all that money on fire anyway.


The Foxhunter

If you can’t beat ’em, join em.


The Cookie Monster

For the horse who has one thing on its mind at all times, and that thing is “cookie.”


The Flying Pig

Hey, anything can happen.


The Diva

Fit for a princess.


The Nipper

Watch your back around this one.


The Hot Horse

Warmbloods need not apply.


The Dead Head

Taking “bombproof” to a whole new level.


The Preppy Pony

And you’d better have a saddle pad to match.


Creative Seahorse has created bonnets for all sizes, from mini horses to drafts and even mules. The shop now offers personalized embroidery as well. Check out their Etsy store here, and be sure to find them on Instagram @creative_seahorse and Facebook to see current projects and past custom orders.

Go Riding!

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