5 Free Horses From Around The Nation

Go find your diamond in the rough.

This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that each seller/buyer should do their own research and remember that horses are a huge responsibility.

Lady – Oregon

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“Lady has earned a pleasant retirement, but my husband died and I must part with her. Before we bought her for $4.000, her owner went hunting with her, shooting off her back. She is gentle, good companion horse, loves people, 25 years old. Lady follows me around like a puppy dog. Friendly with our dogs, cats, chickens, etc. She would be a good friend to another horse, if you have only one horse. Lady was shot 3 times while with foal, foal died. After 3 surgeries, Lady still harbors 3 bullets around her tail area. She is very loving and begs for special treats. My husband and I had planned to care for her into her retirement, but he recently passed away and I’m having to part with several horses.”

Jager – Vermont

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“Jager is a great gelding who has definitely been around the block. He is kid safe walk trot canter and great for the farrier and vet. He is looking for a new home because my friend realized her setup wasn’t ideal for him and has entrusted me to find him a better fit. No issue with fencing or in a herd. Please help me find this great guy a new home!!”

Eddie – Pennsylvania

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“eddie has been a driving horse for our horse drawn carriage company for 15 years.
He is 20 years old. Anyone can drive him!! He does have a heart murmer so he needs to step down from his work as a horse that pulls a 4 wheeled visa vis. He can still drive a cart and be a weekend warrior.”

Trigger – Texas

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“Trigger was a hunter pony in his earlier years. he is very sweet but has foundered in the past few years. He is a great companion pony. He does require a stall or shed. He would be suitable for leading small children around. He is free to good home. He is approx. 25 years. He is not able to eat hay very well, so does require substitute and extra equine senior.”

Daniella – Washington

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“I have a beautiful Westphalian mare (20 years old) who has been a lesson (dressage) horse for many years, however has had one year off in a lovely pasture in Malo, WA (where she still is and where she can be seen and picked up from).

She had issues with lameness last year (front left), and all the major issues were ruled out with xrays (navicular, tendon damage, etc.). My vet recommended that a year off would probably be the best for the mare, and thats exactly what I did. She is sound now and I would love to see her go to a home that would either have her as a companion horse, or possibly for light riding (she has not been under saddle for a year, so would need to be reconditioned).

I would not consider her a beginners horse, as she certainly knows how to move off from the leg, and always has understood pressure. She trailers, ties and leads great and is good with farrier. She has been ridden in both a snaffle and a hackamore. I would not consider her a schoolmaster (having had a schoolmaster with my Dutch gelding and knowing what that means) as I would not put a rank beginner on her. She was used in lessons extensively for the last 6+ years, the last year with middle school students in an equestrian program at a private boarding school.

I could easily have put Daniella up for sale, however I am more interested in her finding a home who will appreciate her beauty and intelligence, and be kind and loving to her. Please email me at [email protected] with questions”

Go Riding.

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