World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Racehorses at the Ridgeway

This beautiful video shot by drone will make you want to saddle up a Thoroughbred and go for a lovely rolling gallop on England’s ancient Ridgeway.

Racehorses in Europe seem to have a pretty good deal: they appear to spend a lot more time hacking around in the countryside as opposed to their North American cousins. Case in point — these Thoroughbreds out for a gallop on the Ridgeway woodchip course, under the training guidance of Neil King.

The complete Ridgeway is an ancient road that runs roughly along a ridgetop for about 87 miles; it’s said to be the oldest highway in Britain. The modern-day trail is a designated bicycle route and bridle path, as well as a shared motorway in some locations. And for this racehorse string, this part of the Ridgeway is their training regimen.

Go riding!

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