Video: Suspects Attempt to Flee on Horseback

Well, at least they weren’t drunk-driving.

When a fight broke out at the Mesquite Rodeo of Texas in early October, the police were called to the scene and were able to make on arrest immediately. The other two suspects, however, had reportedly mounted their horses and ridden away. They were spotted riding through a residential neighborhood a short while later.

The man who jogged away down the street and then ducked down a side alley or driveway wound up stashing the horse in a backyard and fleeing on foot. He was later apprehended, the horse apparently none the worse for wear.

Such is life in a rodeo town — although according to Mesquite Police Department spokesman Brian Parrish in an interview for local news, “the types of calls that involved animals in that area would mostly be like loose stock. I don’t remember in the time I’ve been here where one of our suspects left the scene on a horse.”

Go riding!

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