Dubarry Tuesday Video: Horse 1, Blanket 0

The total joy in this horse’s headlong frolic almost makes up for the fact that he’s waving his destroyed blanket in his mouth.

Joy is infectious: it’s hard not to smile. Unless, of course, this is your horse … and that’s his blanket that’s whipping about like a victory banner. (Must be logged in to Facebook to view.)

Sagan om dårarna återkomst …Kapitel 2 Booming Benz och 900 kronorstäcket!

Posted by Peter Viklund on Friday, October 3, 2014


Better luck next time, horse owner. If nothing else, you’ve given your horse a few hours of total entertainment in removing, destroying, and parading about with the remains of his blanket. Blanket season is just around the corner, folks! We hope you’re ready for scenes like this around your farm.

Go riding!

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