Dubarry Tuesday Video: A Horse’s Last Farewell

When Lisa adopted Jake, the woman and her horse formed a great bond. Sixteen years later, as Lisa spent her last days in hospice, Jake came to say his final farewell.

Lisa adopted Jake sixteen years ago, when his former owner grew too sick to take care of him. Unfortunately, Lisa’s childhood cancer had recently spread throughout her body, and she was placed into hospice care (with Jake remaining under the care of Lisa’s daughter Amanda.)

No doubt putting Lisa’s mind at ease, Jake, through Amanda and a friend’s efforts, was able to come visit his dying owner in hospice care, giving both of them a chance to say their final goodbye.

We understand the comfort that a beloved horse can bring to an owner, even in the darkest days. It’s clear from the video that Lisa was overjoyed to see Jake one last time, and that Jake seemed to understand just what was needed of him. Our best wishes to Lisa, Jake and their family.

Go riding!

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