Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak: HN Staff Wishlists

Best SP feature EVER!

It’s probably the simplest tool available in SmartPak’s wide array of available nifty online toolbox, but the wishlist is one of our favorite facets of the SmartPak website. With so many top-quality products available, let’s be honest with ourselves: without some way of keeping track of our favorites, we’d probably lose our minds (and our life savings).

Here’s what’s on our wishlists right now!


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Thinline Western Cinch: I love Thinline products, and I’m thrilled that they have a western line. My horses love the Thinline western saddle pad, and I’m looking forward to the day I can add this cinch to our tack collection. With a no-slip lining and an easy-to-clean Thinline material surface on all sides, this cinch should be low-maintenance and also let me get away with having the cinch a little bit looser than usual (which my chubby pasture pets will love.)

Justin Women’s Q-Crepe Boot made Exclusively for SmartPak: I’ve been coveting these boots for years, literally, but anyone who watched my ROOTD outfit of the day from a few weeks ago will join me in thinking that I think it’s finally time for a new pair. I love the fit of Justin boots and they definitely wear well for years — and if I were to custom-design my own pair of boots they would basically be just like these with the square toe, gripping crepe sole, a block heel and of course that to-die-for stitching detail on the shaft.

Solstice Tall Waterproof Buckle Boot: Is two pairs of boots too much for one wish list? I’ll counter that question with a question: have you SEEN these boots? I’m drooling. I’ve loved the Solstice line forever, and these are just about the most perfect thing I can think of to pair with autumn outfits.


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SmartPak Soft Padded Leather Halter: My current halters are craggy, y’all.  Who doesn’t want a new piece of leather to see, smell and touch? These have rave reviews and keep the classic “look” while still allowing for some fun.  The padding comes in black, white, blue, red, turquoise and green.

SmartPak Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar: Because my dogs should look sharp too.

Rhino Wug Turnout: I love, love, love this brand of turnout.  For some reason, it fits Aggie’s shoulders better than anything else on the market.  If I had my choice I would own one in every fill weight available: Lite, Medium and Heavy.


Not only am I just getting back to riding after pregnancy, but I’m also competing in my first recognized eventing Horse Trials in October, so my wishlist could go ON AND ON. But here are some of my must-haves this fall:

HorseNation SmartPak Wishlist on Polyvore

Airowear Outlyne Body Protector: This is definitely the vest I have my eye on, as it’s specifically made for women, and particularly women of all shapes and sizes, which helps with the lingering baby weight!

SunShield Longsleeve Shirt by SmartPak: Utah Weather in October can be CA-RAZY. In the morning it can snow, and by the afternoon you’ll have a sunburn. So for cross country day, I need something that can handle the chilly morning but also handle the sun later in the day, and this little number is PERFECT for that.

Woof Wear Pro Event Boots: My mare is going to need all the protection, cushion, and light weight she can get out of a cross country boot, so we’re definitely pining for these Woof Wear Pro Event Boots. They offer a ton of protection, and are specifically designed not to soak up all the moisture we’ll hit in the water complex. Also, the black would make us look much classier than we actually are.

Rainbow Reins: I am not even a little ashamed to tell you that I LOVE rainbow reins. I know they’re for 8-year-old beginners or whatever, but I love knowing in a pinch, I can get my reins even on course faster than you can say “run-out at the coop”. And you guys, they come in pastel and ‘Murica colors, too.


Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.31.00 PM

Stackable Saddle Rack: Between my two horses that I ride in multiple disciplines, my saddle collection is starting to get a little ridiculous. This 4-arm saddle rack will help me keep most, if not all, of my saddles organized and will help free up floor space in the tack room… floor space that I could use to buy a second saddle rack to store my saddle pads and blankets!

SmartPink® & SmartBlue® Thinsulate Turnout Blanket: Like it or not, winter is coming in the midwest and I intend to be prepared. The Thinsulate lining of these blankets will help keep my horses warm without as much bulk, which I think will help keep them comfortable during turnout. Also, the 1200 denier outer layer of the blanket will hoepfully withstand much more abuse from my horse’s pasturemates than other blankets I’ve used in the past!

Elasticized Leg Straps: I always keep a package or two of these replacement leg straps on hand, as the demise of my blankets’ leg straps is inevitable and always happens sooner than I’d like. But I’d rather the leg straps break or get lost than my horse get tangled up and stuck in his blanket! These replacement straps are soft, elastic, and adjustable, and the price per pair is awesome!

SmartPink® & SmartBlue® Thinsulate Dog Coat: So my tiny dog is the world’s sissiest freeze-baby. Even as the fall temperatures start to fluctuate, I want to have an option on hand to help keep his 8-pound body from turning into a pupsicle. This blanket is waterproof and has Thinsulate lining, and as an added bonus it will match my horses’ blankets. A worthy investment!


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FITS All Season Pull On Breech: I honestly cannot say enough good things about these breeches! They’re hands down the absolute most comfortable breeches I’ve ever worn (which is saying something since I wear them from 5:45 a.m. until at least 7:00 pm daily). The fabric is comfortable, breathable, and manages to repel a good amount of horse grime. The segmented patches add grip without bulk. But perhaps the beast feature is the gusset which eliminates any seam in the crotch area; this may have forever ruined me for any other breeches.

DeNiro Brushed Leather Dressage Boot: I recently went on an odyssey of sorts in search of the perfect dressage boot. I’ve tried multiple brands and styles of boot– everything from soft boots to the ultra stiff variety. Of every pair I’ve tried, the DeNiro dressage boot (regular leather) was the stand out. The craftsmanship is just lovely and the quality of the leather far superior to the other brands I’ve tried. The panel of softer leather on the inside of the calf allows me to better feel my horse while the reinforced outer shaft remains stiff and tall so the boots maintain their elegant appearance. So far their durability has been in line with other boots of this price point, with their zippers being of much higher quality. Now that I have a regular pair I would love to get the brushed leather pair for showing.

Back on Track White Dressage Pad: I currently have two black BOT pads that I use for daily schooling and they’re pretty awesome. In addition to the therapeutic effects, I really like the weight of the pad and that it doesn’t bunch up or flap. So far mine have worn like iron, having both been used daily for the past two years. I’m hoping to get two for show season next year.

What’s on your wishlist? Share in the comments section! To see more of our favorite products, check out Horse Nation on Pinterest: we have a whole board set up with our staff selections.

Go SmartPak, and go riding!

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