Keep Up At Congress With the Horse Show Tracker App

The All American Quarter Horse Congress is coming — and the new and improved Horse Show Tracker app makes it easier than ever to follow the action from the month-long massive show.

Amanda Hurd and "Whale of a Whiz" at 2014 Congress. Photo by Maria Hurd.

Amanda Hurd and Whale of a Whiz at 2014 Congress. Photo by Maria Hurd.

Whether you’re a serious showman, a Quarter horse enthusiast or any horseman looking for something to do in the month of October, there’s no denying that the All American Quarter Horse Congress is the place to be. With over 6,500 horses for over 21,000 entries, the month-long show draws thousands of spectators to Columbus, Ohio to see the best of the best compete for prizes and honors. For Congress veterans and first-time attendees alike, the show experience can be totally overwhelming (and we’re not even going to get into the shopping and trade show aspect.) Fortunately, FunnWare Development has improved its Horse Show Tracker app to make navigating Congress easier than ever, both for people on the ground at the show and for folks keeping up with the action from home.

The free app displays a wealth of information: the complete Congress show schedule, individual class draws and splits, live updated scores and orders of go and of course the final results of each class. The app also alerts Congress attendees about special offers and includes a business directory, as well as a night riding schedule for schooling, stall assignments, patterns and maps of the barns and grounds.

Horse Show Tracker, or HST, is truly a one-of-a-kind Congress tool: Kathy Trask of FunnWare explained to HN how the app fits into the FunnWare family of horse show tools. “Our mainstream product, Horse Show for Windows, is used at thousands of shows by hundreds of show managers and secretaries all across the world. The All American Quarter Horse Congress uses a similar but modified program to run their show which we continue to tweak and support. Last year, HST was added to the package that they use and it connects directly to their database so there is no additional work that show management needs to do in order to feed the information to the app.”

FunnWare Development’s tagline is “software solutions for all aspects of the horse show industry,” and it’s truly serving the breed show world well. Horse Show for Windows is a very popular software for many of the breed and performance associations, including not only the AQHA but the National Reining Horse Association, the Appaloosa Horse Club, the American Paint Horse Association and the National Snaffle Bit Association, among many others. The company’s other main software, Member Ease, helps keep track of association memberships and points, and is designed to work with Horse Show for Windows.

While HST is currently only available for Congress, Kathy mentioned that FunnWare definitely has plans to expand the app and offer it as part of the Horse Show for Windows package for other shows. While there are no set plans yet for expanding into other disciplines, it shouldn’t be ruled out — keep an eye on FunnWare for the future!

To learn more about Horse Show Tracker and the rest of the family of horse show software, check out FunnWare Development online and “like” Horse Show Tracker on Facebook. The app is currently only available for iPhone and iPad.

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