Zoetis “Worming Problems” Photo Challenge Winner!

Drumroll please …

Ah yes, “worming problems” — that unique brand of #equestrianproblem that ends with wormer all over your face, your clothes, your horse’s face, the stall wall, and hopefully, at least a little bit, inside your horse. We teamed up with Zoetis to see your best photographic evidence of the worming struggle, with the winner based on a popular vote to receive a prize basket of Zoetis goodies.

It was a close contest, but in the end one awesome worming face won out: our congratulations to Brittani Edwards!

He’s odd #arabian #questplusplease #horsenation #horsesofinstagram #spirit #spiritsmiles

A photo posted by Brittani Edwards (@brittaniedwards) on

A big thank you to everyone who voted, our five finalists for submitting their photos, and of course to Zoetis for sponsoring our contest!

Go riding!

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