Equestrians Anonymous: This Week’s Top 5 From the Forums

We’ll bring you the five best conversations from our forums each week. Check out Equestrians Anonymous and let your voice be heard!


If you haven’t been a regular on Horse Nation’s forum board Equestrians Anonymous, then you’re really missing out. Picture the tack room or the barn aisle at the end of the day: You’re hanging out with your barn buddies, speaking that magical language of equestrian that no one at home will ever understand, and it hits you that you are among your people. That’s what Equestrians Anonymous is like, and here are the top five conversations going on right now:

1. “AQHA Outlaws Lip Chains” (Western)

The latest update includes a pro-lip-chain coalition, seeking to make sure its voice is heard. Our discussion is also spilling over into the TWH industry and its current measures to stamp out abuse. Have an opinion? Let us know.

2. “Hunting season?” (Endurance/Trail)

Some parts of the country are already well into certain seasons. What are your precautionary measures? How well do your horses tolerate gunshots and the surprising sight of orange-clad men in the woods?

3. “STICKY FACES” (Ask Anything)

This forum has seen some unusual questions (it’s literally the Ask Anything board) but this one is particularly unique: KariAM’s horses came in from the pasture all kinds of sticky, and she needs some help in figuring out how to best clean it off!

4. “Disaster Preparedness” (Community Exchange)

In the wake of California’s devastating wildfires as well as our published disaster preparedness guide from last week, we’ve taken to the forums to discuss our management plans in the event of a natural disaster or emergency. Are you ready? Share your tips or get some good advice here.

5. “More bits! (because why not?)” (Training)

Bit lovers of HN, unite: specifically, KariAM is looking for tips on starting her young horse to accept a bit, but the possibilities for conversation are endless. What are your favorite bits? Least favorites? Ask your questions and share your ideas!

So what are you waiting for? Join any of these conversations, or start your own–we’re all crazy horse people here.


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