World Equestrian Brands Wednesday Drone Cam: Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman

If this beautiful video shot from aerial drone doesn’t convince you that Lorenzo is some sort of mystical horse wizard, we can’t really help you any further.

Lorenzo (full name “the Flying Frenchman”) consistently floors crowds at expos and events all over the world with his impeccably trained team of gray horses, his veritable acrobatics in jumping two, four or six horses simultaneously on long reins (as he stands on the last pair) and showcasing the amazing rapport he and his herd have built together.

Whether or not you’ve witnessed Lorenzo’s skills in person, or only through video, this drone cam accentuates the fact that what Lorenzo does with his horses is truly a work of art:

Yeah, okay. Not only does Lorenzo make things look easy riding Roman-style (and driving four more, criss-crossing in front of him on long lines) that would trip me up if I were riding in a saddle on a well-broke horse, he also just thunders around the French marshes with his beauties, out on an evening trail ride with ten of his closest equine friends.

Our hats are off to you, Lorenzo. Go riding!

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