Vote Now For the Best “Worming Problems!” Presented by Zoetis

It’s time to pick the winner in our “Worming Problems” photo challenge! View the finalists and vote for your favorite: the winner will receive a prize pack from Zoetis!

It’s coming that time of year again when fall shots and wormers are due. It’s a time of year that many horse owner’s dread as they trek out to the pasture with a tube of the unholy paste in hand. Our horse takes a look at what’s in our hand, deduces that it is not, in fact, grain or anything else edible, and makes a beeline for the far corner of the pasture.

Sound familiar?

Trust us, we know. We get it. Worming is hard. Our horses are mistreated, or at least that’s what they’ll tell you when they get a tube of the offensive stuff in their mouth.

We called for your best worming photos: the pre-game, the aftermath, the looks you get that could peel paint. Here are five finalists who are in contention for top honors and a prize pack from Zoetis. Check ’em out, and then vote in the poll below! Voting will be open until midweek.

1. Instagrammer pogo106: “That special face reserved for deworming…”

2. Rachel Mikelson: “That one time I had to deworm 18 horses at my old job…” Deworm Pic 3. Amy Rogala (click to play video)

@thehorsenation #QuestPlusPlease A video posted by Amy R. Rogala (@rogalamy) on

4. Emma Barry: “My mare’s face when you go near her with wormer.”


5. Brittani Edwards: “He’s odd.”

He’s odd #arabian #questplusplease #horsenation #horsesofinstagram #spirit #spiritsmiles

A photo posted by Brittani Edwards (@brittaniedwards) on

And now it’s time to vote!

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