World Equestrian Brands Wednesday Helmet Cam: Morocco by Horseback

We love helmet cameras: how else would we get to tour the world by horseback, one country at a time? Today’s video takes us to Morocco!

You may picture hot deserts and exquisite walled cities when you think of Morocco, but this slice of northwest Africa also contains the beautiful and rugged Atlas Mountains. This range has seen the coldest recorded temperatures of the entire continent (complete with snowfall!)  The remote terrain lends itself well to cross-country trekking on horseback, which is the feature of today’s Helmet Cam:

Anyone else feeling a little thirst for adventure? No matter where you travel, it’s comforting knowing that there are horses almost everywhere to help you explore the geography!

Have you documented your own exciting rides via helmet cam? Send the file or a link to your uploaded video to [email protected] and you could be featured in an upcoming Wednesday Helmet Cam!

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