5 Baby Long Ears To Get You Through Your Day

It would be criminal NOT to watch these videos.

Summer is ending, school is back in session, fleece season is approaching, and if you’re lucky maybe there’s still one horse show left on the horizon before you pack it in. So take a moment and treat yo’self. Not with pedicures or pumpkin spice lattes, but with adorable babies of the long ear variety.

But do, actually, or this article will be a real snoozefest.

First and dare I say foremost, this baby donkey in a hammock. A BABY DONKEY. IN A HAMMOCK.

This cute little guy has a lust for life that I can totally get behind. Also, I love the YouTube comment on the original post that asks, “Why is the adult donkey wearing a veil?” I am now going to call them that forever more.

These gorgeous wild onagers are native to rural Iran and apparently make the cutest floppy eared babies in the animal kingdom. Dear Iran, please send one to 321 Horse Nation Way, USA as soon as possible. Feel free to throw in a Persian rug while you’re at it. Kind regards, Horse Nation.

This flashy little chrome magnet made his debut at the Indiana State Fair, and if his racing antics weren’t cute enough, wait til you see what he does when he falls over!

Not to be left out, this hyper little Zonkey named Khumba can’t wait to show you what his zebra’d little legs can do. Khumba’s sire, a jack named Ignacio from a nearby farm and his mother, a zoo zebra named Raya, apparently engaged in a romantic tryst that resulted in one of the few naturally bred zonkeys in the world. Bien hecho, Raya y Ignacio.

Go Long Ears.

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