Product Review: A Horse Box

Kate dishes on what arrived in her monthly shipment from A Horse Box!

Ever heard of BirchBox? Every month, they deliver sample-sized beauty products, skincare, and hair care directly to your door. A Horse Box is the same thing, but with horsey products!


Photo by Kate Kosnoff

Established in January 2013, A Horse Box is an easy and cost-sensitive way to find new products for you and your horse, whether it be grooming supplies or fancy treats. Some of the featured brands include Absorbine, Cavalor, Mrs. Conn’s, and Pony Pizza Company.

My favorite product I received by far was Mrs. Conn’s Bath Day sponge. These adorable sponges come pre-filled with shampoo; simply get it wet and you’re ready for bath time! Not only do these smell amazing (mine smelled like lemon meringue), they leave your horse’s coat shiny and healthy.  I don’t know about your horses, but all 3 of mine seem to hate bath time–some more than others (I’m looking at you, Mac), but these handy sponges require minimal prep time and make bathing a moderately enjoyable experience for all involved!

I also loved two products aimed at eradicating icky fungus and soothing the skin from Hay, Where’s That Blue Stuff.  I received “It’s A Fungus Amungus” and “Hay, Where’s that Blue Stuff”, and let me tell you, this stuff WORKS. I have tried almost every product on the market that proclaims to banish rain rot and scratches, but nothing has kept it off my horses as well as these little miracle bottles. The names of the products make me laugh, but they don’t mess around when it comes to clearing up those pesky skin conditions.

If you love trying new products for your horse, (and really, who doesn’t?), start your subscription for as low as $17 a month.  You can cancel your subscription whenever you want, and you can also send A Horse Box as a gift!


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