Dubarry Tuesday Video: Man Saves Trapped Foal

This brief video of a good Samaritan helping a foal out of a predicament will warm your heart!

When this car full of travelers encountered a terrified foal galloping down the highway, they could have easily just sped on by, or taken a few photos with their cell phones and driven away. But instead, they stopped. This foal, foiled by a guardrail by the side of the road that prevented him from making his way back to his mother, was totally panicked — but allowed one helpful passenger to lend a hand.

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There are still good people on Earth…Share the love <3

Posted by We are against trophy hunting on Thursday, August 13, 2015

We don’t know who these folks are, where they were going or how they happened across a small herd of horses — but we salute them for their time and effort in helping this little guy get home!

Go riding!

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