Product Review: Gypsy Soule’s Fallon Taylor Rave Jean

Kristen gets her Fallon Taylor on with Gypsy Soule.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Fallon Taylor, the world-champion barrel racer who’s not afraid to be her totally outrageous self. (We also love her #whatthehelmet campaign.) So when Gypsy Soule needed a face and inspiration for its new line of bold jeans, bags and accessories, Fallon was a natural choice.

Here’s what she had to say about Gypsy Soule:

Gypsy Soule’s style is parallel to my style. We joined forces on this new line because the women behind Gypsy Soule have an amazing fashion sense—it’s rebellious. I like to fly my freak flag, I love neon, and this line is sort of like a cowgirl runway. I’m proud to add my name to Gypsy Soule because I think the company stands for empowering women and it’s run by two strong women.

And “rebellious” is exactly the word I’d use to describe the Rave jean from the new Fallon Taylor line. Dark-wash denim is splattered up and down with neon and glitter paint for a unique and defiantly eye-catching look. No two pairs are alike. The left front pocket is embellished with a little extra bling as well:

I thought that a fitting first place to try these jeans out would be the local town rodeo, which I was attending to cheer on some of my friends who run barrels — I’m not currently a competitive rider in any discipline, myself. I confess that I’m not usually much of a “bold” dresser: I have a few favorite accessories and outfits, but otherwise my style is fairly conservative. I channeled my inner Fallon and marched through the rodeo grounds, and was flattered to receive many compliments.

So the Rave jeans definitely look the part. Gypsy Soule’s clothing isn’t necessarily just designed for riders, but for any independently-minded woman with a western flair. So how would they hold up for a saddle test? I headed to the barn the next day to find out.


Red is so blinded by the neon that he pulled his too-big ear bonnet right over his eyes.

The Rave jean is modeled on Gypsy Soule’s Vogue jean, made of stretch denim. This material is superior for riding jeans because they stretch where they need to, especially for tasks like mounting up (or reaching forward to pull my horse’s too-big ear bonnet up out of his face.) Initially, I was concerned that the paint would somehow flake off of the jeans during the friction of a trail ride, but they were as good as new by the time I returned to the barn.

One of my usual complaints when trying to ride in western “fashion” jeans is that they’re too low-rise to be comfortable (after all, who likes spending their entire ride hiking their pants up?) Fortunately, these jeans are a medium-rise, which is perfect for saddle time.


So whether you’re a speed rider looking for something to sass up your competition wardrobe, or a recreational rider who wants more pizazz, or any kind of rider needing a little more attitude in your barn wear, these jeans not only look outrageous but they wear great as well.

Fallon Taylor stands behind the line so much that she’s happy to wear the Rave jean herself in competition:

Jason next picture of my first barrel in oakley!! Babyflo is a MACHINE!

Posted by Fallon Taylor & Babyflo on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Photo by Jason Eagle.

If you’re interested in trying a pair of these flashy, one-of-kind jeans for yourself, visit Gypsy Soule online and browse the complete Fallon Taylor line. The entire Gypsy Soule collection includes unique sandals, jeans and accessories to appeal to the gypsy spirit.

Go riding!

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