Monday Morning Feed From SmartPak: Meet Team SmartPak

Meet the professionals who love their SmartPaks!

Stalking the secrets of professional riders is one specialty of ours at Horse Nation and our sister site Evening Nation. But there’s one key to success that no one’s keeping close to the chest, from Olympic dressage champion Sue Blinks to western all-around game-changer Lynn Palm: professionals love SmartPaks!

Find out exactly why:

SmartPak proudly sponsors individual riders in a variety of disciplines. Just who is on Team SmartPak, and what do they love about it? We bet you’ll recognize these stars — and we know that their reasons are just like yours!

Jane Savoie (Dressage): “For years, I put all my supplements into separate baggies each month. It was time-consuming and messy. Plus, I was always worried that the supplements might lose potency because they were mixed together for so long. With SmartPak, there’s no mess, and I know my horses are getting fresh supplements. That peace of mind is priceless!”

Jennie Brannigan (Eventing): “When you’re traveling across the country to compete and train it can put a lot of stress on the horses and on yourself. SmartPaks not only make it simple to keep your horses on the proper supplements but they also help to make traveling and competing that much easier! Whenever you move just give them a call and you can have your supplements shipped anywhere you need them to be.”

Peter Leone (Jumping): “SmartPak means peace of mind. I know that Legato and each of his successors get the right supplements in the right amount every day. I set the program and SmartPak makes it happen. If I want to change something all I have to do is email the change and it’s done!”

Tim McQuay (Reining): “With SmartPakā€™s proven Supplement Feeding System not only are we assured that our horses are getting their supplements, but we also know they are fresh. The SmartPak System saves us time and helps to keep us organized and we love the fact that they have over 300 different supplements to choose from.”

Charlie Cole (Western All-Around): “The top benefits of using SmartPaks are convenience (the ease of feeding customized supplements to each horse) and no mistakes. It’s hard not to give it and you can see if someone’s been making mistakes and not feeding the supplements correctly. If there are extra paks, you’ll know!”

Meet all of the pros, read their testimonials and snoop on what exactly they’re putting in their SmartPaks on the Team SmartPak page.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!

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