Product Review: Noble Outfitters’ Equinessential Tote

Kristen’s got a brand new bag. No, literally.


I’m really happy to be able to share horseback riding as a common interest with my husband. The other night, however, I noticed that a few stereotypes are true: when he’s getting his horse ready, he picks out the two brushes he needs from the tack room, slips a hoof pick into his pocket and heads back out into the barn to groom. I bring out my tote, full of brushes (some of which, realistically, I don’t really need every single day) and then polish my little steed. It’s the classic man’s pocket vs. woman’s purse routine.

And much like if I were getting a new purse, the first thing I had to do with the Noble Outfitters Equinessentials Tote was take everything out of my old tote and put it all into the new one. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true: I had to examine the features of the tote first.

As shown in the photo above, the tote is what Noble Outfitters calls a “hybrid hard-side”: the tote is partially canvas, partially plastic. It stands up sturdily on its own, and will be easy to simply hose out when it’s time for a cleaning. With both double carry straps (which can be snapped together) and a longer over-the-shoulder handle, carrying the tote from tack room to barn aisle is easy; schlepping the tote over a longer distance — say, to the trailer and back — is a breeze. There are plenty of external pockets, which I promptly filled with rub-on fly repellent, gloves, hoof picks and thrush medicine.


The bottom of the tote is mesh, which means all the annoying bits of dirt and hair and hay just fall out the bottom instead of accumulating in the nooks and crannies. Two big pockets hold all of my brushes, and the center high-walled divider is the perfect place to stash fly spray, fungus medicine, detangler and refills.


Basically, this bag is awesome: it’s de-cluttered my tack room and put all of my tools in one place. Any equestrian could use such a tote in their collection, and groomers of the world will love the pocket room and organizational features. (I haven’t caught my husband borrowing it yet, but it’s only a matter of time. And yes, this bag does come in black and tan, a more “manly” color!)

Check out the Equinessentials Tote on the Noble Outfitters website to order your own!

Go riding!

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