Product Review: Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Glove

Kristen test-drives these summer-friendly gloves.

I’m not a big fan of gloves, generally speaking — either my hands are sweaty and hot in the summer’s heat, or I feel like I’m wearing oven mitts in trying to communicate with my horse. I’ll wear them when forced (like when I showed hunt seat, rode a horse with double reins, or when showing draft horses) but the rest of the time, even in the winter, I’m generally glove-free.

But my two big complaints — overheating hands and bulky unnecessary layers — have been laid to rest with the Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh glove. I slipped these on the other night to take out my little Red for a spin.

While my gloves are the outrageous “Blackberry Snakeskin” pattern, they also come in several solid shades as well as a conservative black. The gloves include a velcro-tab wrist closure for a custom fit, and the synthetic suede palm and fingers are perfect for a light grip. All the necessary places are reinforced with a double layer: the index finger, thumb and pinky.



The light fabric of the glove maintains breathability throughout the ride: no hot, sweaty glove hands! Bonus: the fingertips are touchscreen friendly (though I had a hard time getting a consistent contact.)

Most importantly to me a a rider, the gloves fit … well, like a glove. Both the mesh and the synthetic suede afford a perfect, skintight fit that reduces that “oven mitt” feel. While gloves usually make me feel clumsy and heavier than I intend to be on the reins (or equally frustrating, too light, resulting in a missed signal) the Perfect Fit gloves lived up to their name.


While I’m not a big glove user in the summer, this Perfect Fit pair has earned a place in my barn tote for all seasons. While they’re not insulated for winter use, they’ll still block the chilly wind and be perfect for protecting my hands while affording me the perfect amount of feel on the reins.

Overall, I give the Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Gloves a thumbs-up!


Noble Outfitters has products for any discipline and any equestrian, from barn tools to riding apparel and everything in between. Check out their full line of products!

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