5 Free Horses in Search of Forever Homes

All around the nation horses are in search of safe, loving homes. Here are five available today.

This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that our website only relists horses offered for free. Each seller/buyer should do their own research and remember horses are a huge responsibility.

Colonel – Texas

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“Colonel’s career started as a cutting horse where he won over $16,000 and learned his moves. He can be ridden one or two handed, with a bridal, a snaffle, or just a simple halter.

Colonel is gentle and loving. For the last ten years, he has been teaching children how to ride and has been loved by all. He is a very pretty horse and can walk and trot. He is NOT for performance sports. He has great ground manners. A child can jump on his back, even bareback, and ride him with a simple halter.

Colonel has also been used to babysit and wean foals and other young horses.

Colonel has been used for the last three years by our neighbors children and their friends. Unfortunately, our neighbors are forced to relocate to Dallas Metro and will no longer be able to have horses, thus we took Colonel back to help find him a suitable home.

We got Colonel 14 years ago when we were raising grandchildren and looking for a safe horse for them to learn to ride. Not only is he a great child’s horse, but he would also make an excellent companion horse.

His foaling date is 2-1-1985, but we were not able to put into the system. The first 3 photos were taken last week. He is sound for walk and trot.

Colonel is on a diet of One & Only, and alfalfa cubes two times daily. He does not eat hay. He can be turned out into a pasture, but requires his feed as well. We also supplement his diet with one scoop of Platinum Plus & Strongid C once daily. Additionally, we give him Sac-a-red bi-weekly, and Quest wormer 2 x a year. This routine has kept him feeling great and ready to go!

Colonel still has plenty of life and needs a job! He would be great for a child or family that wishes a safe horse to walk and trot. He is free to good home. References are requested.”

Wally – South Carolina

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“”**To approved home only** 2004 Clydesdale/ QH Gelding, 15.0 hds. PLEASE READ ENTIRE AD BEFORE RESPONDING…Wall Street is a sweet and adorable horse that was showing low level dressage and eventing all spring, but sadly injured himself in early May. Vets think it is a soft tissue injury in the foot which will take time to heal, however I am a full time student and working so I do not have the time to commit to him. I am looking to rehome him as a pet/ companion horse only. (He may be rideable in time if he is properly taken care of)… He is a very easy keeper, and is turned out 24/7 barefoot. He gets along great with other horses. However, he was abused previously in life and he is a shy horse that needs calm and gentle handling. He has excellent manners and will bond with a person once he gets to trust them.”

Cheyenne & Precious – Vermont

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“Cheyenne is a very sweet/loving horse. She is 14 years old and about 14.2 hands. I adopted her 10 years ago from a PMU farm out west. She is a bay with a few spots on her rump and several white socks. Cheyenne needs to be started from the ground up. She is stubborn and doesn’t have many manners. I think once she is broke, she would be a gentle horse and possibly good with kids. She had 2 two foals at the PMU farm. She was used as a production horse.

Things she can do:
• Leads on a rope
• Brushed
• Stands for farrier
• Not very good for the vet, but is up to date on her shots.
• Good with other horses

Reason for selling, I am moving out of state in the Fall and need to re-home her. I also haven’t given her the time and energy she needs. I want to re-home her to a new family that she will be with for the rest of life and give her a better job to do. ”


“Precious, a 12 year old appaloosa horse that I adopted her 10 years ago from a PMU farm out west. She has some experience under the saddle. She has not been ridden for about 2 years. She needs an experienced rider/trainer.

She is a smart cookie and loves her food. She does have to be watched with how much green grass and amount of grain she gets. She founder several years ago and now has a slight rotation in her coffin bone. I believe she will have to be booted if she is ridden on the roads as she tends to have sensitivity hooves on the small rocks.

She is very pretty strawberry roam color with a spotted but. She has a lot more energy for me. My 2 sisters enjoyed riding her. She is very sweet.
Things she can do:
• Leads on a rope
• Bathe with a hose (her favorite in hot weather)
• Stands for farrier
• Loves being brushed and affection
• Some ground work
• Not as good for the vet, but is up to date on her shots.
• Good with other horses
A good trail horse

If someone was to give her real time every week, she would again be able to ride and have fun with.”

Keyaira – Wisconsin

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“Keyaira is a pretty laid back horse that is easy to handle and be around. She is a branded registered Belgian Warmblood level E Label mare. She has been trained in Dressage, but due to soundness issues she can only be used for light riding, broodmare or companion horse.”

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