Monday Morning Feed From SmartPak: Helmets For All

Remember to #mindyourmelon!

International Helmet Awareness Day, Riders4Helmets’ banner event of the year, is coming up on Saturday, August 1st! SmartPak’s got your noggin covered, for every discipline, style and budget.

If you’re in the market for a new helmet, or haven’t gotten a new one in a long time (helmets should be replaced every five years,) now’s the perfect time to head over to SmartPak and take a look around!

The helmet selection is designed to mind every melon, whether you’re looking for something for schooling …

… or maybe for showing.

SmartPak carries just about every style imaginable, from the classic traditional look …

… to something a little more progressive.

Every discipline is represented, from eventers …

…to barrel racers …

… to trail riders.

And if you’ve been extra-good this year, you can always treat yo’self:

With this many options what excuse do you have not to #mindyourmelon? If you’re thinking #whatthelmet, it’s time to protect that noggin, head over to SmartPak’s helmet page and browse all the options today!

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