Equestrians Anonymous: This Week’s Top 5 From the Forums

We’ll bring you the five best conversations from our forums each week. Check out Equestrians Anonymous and let your voice be heard!


If you haven’t been a regular on Horse Nation’s forum board Equestrians Anonymous, then you’re really missing out. Picture the tack room or the barn aisle at the end of the day: You’re hanging out with your barn buddies, speaking that magical language of equestrian that no one at home will ever understand, and it hits you that you are among your people. That’s what Equestrians Anonymous is like, and here are the top five conversations going on right now:

1. “Horses in weddings?” (The Unstable Life)

Some totally “awww”-worthy photos of horses in an adorably muddy wedding have been added to the thread. Share your horsey-wedding photos (or horror stories! We don’t judge.)

2. “Leasing My Horse” (Ask Anything)

Forum user foreverstarbuck1 would like to put her horse up for a half-lease, and is seeking feedback on her written advertisement. Have any suggestions? Have some lease experience that you think would be helpful to know?

3. “American versions of old breeds” (Breeding)

This thread discusses some of the striking differences between the “original” breed and the American “refined” versions. Take a look and weigh in — should these be considered different breeds, or just two versions of the same thing?

4. “Stretching and Softening Exercises?” (Training)

Help forum user Wattsy get a project pony back into shape! He has 30 days and then a few years on him sitting in a field with 300 sheep. She’s looking for exercises that will help him stretch and soften to work his topline.

5. “What topics do you want Horse Nation to cover?” (Internet Equestrian)

We’re always open to suggestions! Have a particular subject you want to know a little bit more about? Spotted something that you think deserves the HN treatment? Share your ideas!

So what are you waiting for? Join any of these conversations, or start your own–we’re all crazy horse people here.


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