World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Six-Horse Hitch

Take a turn at the lines from the driver’s-eye view of a six-horse hitch!

The Blue Ribbon Days mare hitch is among in the best in the country, exhibiting two-, four-, six- and eight-horse teams at various expos and fairs as well as the most prestigious competitions. The mare hitch of jet-black Percherons drawing the bright yellow wagon is a head-turner whenever it high-steps into an arena, but behind the scenes the efforts of an extraordinarily skilled driver are even more impressive. Check out the driver’s-eye view of the Blue Ribbon Days ladies as they head out of the barn and into the warm-up arena at the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series Finals at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.

Driver Dean Woodbury knows just how to manage six massive horses in the very narrow barn aisle. While this looks like a hair-raising scene to us, the Blue Ribbon Days hitch is quite experienced with “threading the needle” in narrow spaces, as they harness, hook and hitch the team in the barn for every performance.

The Blue Ribbon Days mares went on to win the NASHHC Finals in Oklahoma City, making history as the first mare hitch to ever do so. With a skilled driver and well-trained beauties like these, we can’t imagine it any other way.

Go driving!

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