Dubarry Tuesday Video: Heavy Horses

Once almost extinct, England’s heavy horses are starting to make a comeback among enthusiasts and breeders who celebrate the living link to the past.

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The FEI’s ‘Equestrian Snapshots’ series travels around the world to profile unique individuals or groups within the horse world, and recently released ‘Heavy Horses’ as the latest video in the series. Watch and learn about the breeders and horsemen in the United Kingdom who strive to preserve the draught breeds that were once nearly lost to mechanization and to war:

While the heavy horses will never number again in the millions, we can be comforted in knowing that the tradition and art of working with draught horses won’t be lost to time — as long as such a group of dedicated horsemen exist to carry on the old ways. If you’ve ever experienced the music of ponderous hooves and jingling harness chains, you too know the indescribable majesty of these gentle giants.

Go driving! (And riding!)

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