5 Free Horses In Need Of Forever Homes

All around the nation horses are in search of safe, loving homes. Here are five available today.

This is your friendly Horse Nation reminder that our website only relists horses offered for free. Each seller/buyer should do their own research and remember horses are a huge responsibility.

Kalan – Canada

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“Seven year old registered Andalusian gelding. 15.1 hands. Foundered March 2015. X-rays of both front feet taken June 2015 are available to e-mail upon request. Last summer he was schooling third level dressage. I did not have time to ride him over the winter, he gained too much weight and foundered this spring. He should have one year off from being ridden and then should be usable in light work, pleasure/trail as long as his weight and feet are well maintained. He is a very easy keeper and needs to be turned out in a dry lot and have only grass hay. He currently has front shoes and laminitis pads which should be continued. He is also being tried on a thyroid med which may help him to keep weight off. He is very smart, willing and social and would love to play games/do trick training in his year off. He also needs to be with another horse as he will stress himself if he is alone and has jumped out of his pen. He was on bute for a week when he was actively foundering in March but has not been on bute or any other type of painkiller since then. The video footage is taken July 10 and not on any bute. I get on and walk him bareback to show that he is very well broke. He has not been worked regular for a year and you can just get on him and he will try his best. He is very honest. I have no old video footage and cannot show any more than I do because he should not be ridden. The under saddle pictures are from when he was four years old and one from a show last summer. I bought him as a yearling, started him at 3 and have been his only rider. He clips, loads and baths and has been to 2 small fun shows. I have done very little trail riding because it is not my interest. He is not ready for a beginner yet, unless they had had help from someone experienced because he doesn’t have much miles on him outside the arena and can be a little hot in new situations. We are looking for the right home for him where someone has the time to do something with him and the right facilities to keep him. He is a beautiful horse with a heart of gold but he is not currently sound and there is no guarantee that he will be in the future. Please contact me for more information.”

Wendy – New York

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“Wendy is a beautiful thoroughbred mare, retired from racing with an old knee injury. She is comfortable and loves to be out on pasture eating grass. She also likes TLC from her people and would be a great companion horse, for the person who does not want to ride and just wants the company and time of a lovely horse. Brush her, love her and throw in a few treats and you will have a friend for life.”

Fred – Ohio

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“R J Quincy Bar aka FRED is a Reg 21 yr old Paint gelding, he was green broke at one time but for his whole life has just been a pasture pet, he is very sweet, and still could be broke out to be a riding horse, he is healthy and sound. If you would like to give this handsome guy a great home contact Voice For Horses Rescue Network located in Toledo, Ohio.”

Rainey – Colorado

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“She is a very sweet horse and had an issue during her last foal with the previous owner so sometimes leans her hips to the left and right foot to the right. It’s really amazing to watch her stand straight after a chiropractor adjustment but I think she needs someone who has the time to lunge and/or massage her than I do with a full-time job in town and a long commute. She has no other issues which is why I don’t want to put her down.”

Max – Maryland

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“Easy keeper. He’s UTD on healthcare. He can live alone or with a friend. Can be lightly ridden or just cut your grass. Retired beginner school horse, but we sold business a few years ago. If you are interested in knowing more please send your questions along with your needs and what type of home you can provide.”

Go Riding.

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