World Equestrian Brands Wednesday Drone Cam: Beach Riding in Grado

What better way to kick off your Wednesday than with a breathtaking beach ride in Italy?

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.34.29 AM

Tranquil waters, gulls lazily flapping their wings, loping through the shallow tides … just another ride on the beach in Grado, Italy! An island and peninsula in the Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy, the town of Grado boasts sun-soaked beaches as a major tourist destination. It’s also a drop-dead gorgeous location for drone videography of this trio of equestrians out on a hack. We’re interested to note that these appear to be western riders: Italy has embraced western riding and reining, and many of the equestrian centers around Grado are geared towards western disciplines.

Sigh. Is anyone else ready for a vacation? A little trail ride down the beach, a little spa treatment, some sun and sand … count me in!

If you have a helmet cam or a drone cam video you’d like to share, email it to [email protected]! We love to ride along vicariously with our readers. Go riding!

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